Catch of the day

Thursday, May 17 - 2012

V.Ships' seafarers turned life-savers following a rescue operation in the Atlantic Ocean earlier this month.

Lead by the vessel's Russian Master, Captain Ivan Chernyshev, the 23-strong crew of MT Navig8 Loucas saved 11 people on May 6, after their fishing vessel sank.

The fishermen - 200 miles off the coast of the Cape Verde Islands- were found in two life rafts by the V.Ships crew who were quick to react to the incident.

Captain Chernyshev, said: "I have been at sea since 1993, and a captain for the last four years, and I have never been involved in a rescue operation such as this.

"But when I found out about the distress signal, I knew I had to act quickly. You always wonder whether it is going to be a false alarm, but in this case obviously it wasn't.

"You know how important it is that you assist these people, and you start thinking about their families and children waiting for them at home. Thankfully everything went to plan, and we were all satisfied with the rescue.

"It was pleasing to know that our help came in time and I'd like to thank all of my crew for their efforts. Everyone took an active part in making sure this rescue operation had a happy ending."