Seafarers are tackling hot topic

Wednesday, May 02 - 2012

Managers are stepping up efforts to improve on-board fire safety.

A new campaign - running until the end of June next year - is raising awareness amongst seafarers on-board all V.Ships managed vessels, in light of industry port state control and vetting trends.

The V.Ships Concentrated Campaign involves checklists that must be completed by all captains and chief engineers within one week of receiving them, ensuring vital guidelines are being met.

The checks include testing equipment such as hoses and fire alarms, as well as the availability of fire extinguishers and safety manuals.

Mike Bradshaw, V.Ships risk, safety and quality manager, said: "We all know how important fire safety is, and it's crucial that we all do our utmost to create a safer working environment on-board.This initiative certainly supports that."

Each crew must make sure they are taking all of the necessary steps to prepare for any potential dangerous scenario.

This is achieved by ensuring the equipment on board is in good condition and can be relied upon in time of need. As part of a strong safety culture, potential problems and defects are openly reported. 

Mike added: "Don't tolerate defective equipment - fire safety is the difference between lives lost and lives saved."

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