New team is focused on success

Thursday, January 24 - 2013

V.Group is increasing its capacity and foothold within the oil and gas industry thanks to a brand new office.

RC Consultants - a leading provider of engineering and project management consultancy services for the oil and gas industry - set-up a new department in Glasgow, UK at the end of last year to support the Group's offshore strategy.

UK Team Leader Nuala McIntyre - who is joined by recruiters Moses Jow, Margaret McFadden and Ellis Devlin - feels it is a great time to be involved in the industry and is enjoying assisting her Norwegian-based colleagues meet the needs of new clients.

She said: "There is no doubt that this is an extremely exciting time for oil and gas professionals of all nationalities. The market is full of talented people and as recruiters, it is difficult to keep up with the incredible demand for expertise.

"Commentators predict that with the Department of Energy and Climate Change awarding 167 new licences for business in the North Sea last October, the increased demand for skilled labour will reach an all-time high in 2013."

RC Consultants Managing Director Lars Engvik has high expectations too and strongly believes the new team will play a significant role in RCC`s success and further development, not only in the North Sea oil and gas market, but also in more remote markets.

He said: "Many of our Norwegian clients have a strong presence in the UK - particularly in the north of Scotland and London area - and from a recruitment perspective we see this as a massive opportunity. It has never been more important to cast the net globally to meet this incredible demand."

RCC UK is looking to recruit for a number of posts from worldwide applicants, including from technical backgrounds such as mechanical, piping, telecom, surface treatment, drilling, safety and marine operations, as well as project roles including planning, purchasing and administration.

Applicants will need to hold the relevant qualifications for their discipline, such as an engineering degree, as well as at least five years' experience within their chosen field.

Nuala added: "If you know of someone who has oil and gas industry experience and who wishes to work in Norway, please ask them to send their up-to-date curriculum vitae to along with a contact telephone number. We will ensure all enquiries are answered and look forward to hearing from potential candidates."