Preparation proves the key to success

Wednesday, January 02 - 2013

A Filipino crew has taken over a brand new type three chemical tanker after undergoing special training in 2012.

The seafarers on-board Ami began work at the start of this year after attending seminars hosted by V.Ships UK Managing Director John Brechin and Fleet Manager Andy Hailu in our Manila office.

Supported by Gotland Tankers, the officer and crew conferences took place in September and December, with other attendees set to take hold of the reins aboard Ami's sister ship Alice at the end of the month.

The initiative supports V.Ships' long-term goal of increasing its pool of Filipino officers and John Brechin is positive it will prove to be a great success.

He said: "Organising such a crew has been a key goal for us and we are very grateful for the support and assistance from our team in Manila.

"The purpose of the conference was to get to know the officers and crew, as well as emphasising the standards V.Ships sets.

"It is so important people are clear about matters such as vetting Inspections, complacency, teamwork and technical issues and these sessions are yet more evidence of our commitment to continually improve safety standards."

A further seminar took place in October for two additional Gotland Ships - which will initially have senior Russian Officers on-board - and was attended by Captain Dontsov and Captain Mezintsev who will take command of the Gotland Aliya and Gotland Sofia respectively.

John added: "We believe this was the first time that Russian officers have attended a seminar in Manila and it gave them an excellent opportunity to get to know their Filipino counterparts, as well as the staff in POMI.

"With four Gotland ships due to be in management by the end of this month, it seems that our partnership with them is going from strength to strength."