Making waves in the offshore industry

Thursday, February 21 - 2013

V.Ships Turkey is delighted to announce it has successfully concluded an offshore crewing contract with Dubai-based seismic research vessel operator Polarcus DMCC.

The agreement follows the news of the sale of Polarcus Samur - an eight-streamer 3D world class seismic vessel - to the Turkish owners TPAO (Turkish Petroleum Corp.) on February 11, 2013. Polarcus will continue to provide support services to TPAO, including technical and crew management as part of a three year contract.

The vessel will be renamed Barbaros Hayreddin Pasa after the legendary Ottoman Admiral and will carry the Turkish flag under Turkish International Ship Registry (TUGS).

Harun Duzgoren, Managing Director of V.Ships Turkey (pictured), said: "We are very excited to be part of this important initiative, which confirms Turkey's position as a new and emerging player in the oil and gas world.

"As V.Ships' regional office, we possess the necessary skillset and experience to deliver on quality for our offshore clients like Polarcus. As a direct result of this dedication to quality and cost optimisation, this is our fourth back to back offshore marine services contract in the last three years.

"The vast majority of our crew have been with us in other similar projects in the Black Sea and other parts of the world, so we are confident that they will integrate quickly with Polarcus crew on-board."

As per the legislation, 51 per cent of her crew - as well as the Master - will need to be Turkish nationals. V.Ships Turkey will support Polarcus in complying with this requirement by providing 13 Turkish crew members. A seismic vessel uses seismic waves to pinpoint and locate the best possible area for oil drilling in the middle of oceans.