V.Offshore is up and running

Thursday, April 04 - 2013

A new business unit focused on the Offshore and Energy market has been launched.

Headed by Group Director, Offshore Lawrie Campbell, V.Offshore is the new V.Group business unit tasked with increasing top and bottom line performance in this attractive market through broadening and deepening the company's offshore capabilities.

Lawrie, who sees this as a positive step forward for the company, said: "V.Group considers itself unique because of our ability to be a one stop shop to clients and there is no better example of that than our work in the offshore industry.

"Today, all business units have some level of offshore activity. By sharing and harnessing the collective knowledge and experience of the Group in one team, we can achieve much more.

"The early priority is to review key account management for existing offshore clients, which will be the first step to success as the brand continues to develop in the coming years.

"These are exciting times for V.Group, as we take the next logical move forward in the development of our offshore business."

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