V.Ships stalwart retires

Thursday, May 16 - 2013

After sailing 35 ships, visiting 92 countries and stopping at 288 ports, one seafarer has called time on a nigh on 50 year career.

Captain Gennady Koryashkov, from Russia, took charge of his final vessel earlier this year, having dedicated over 20 years of his life to working for us.

The 65-year-old joined Acromarit in December 1991 and became Master of the Sea Emperor at the start of 1992, with his first voyage from the Persian Gulf to Canada.

And at a special event in Novorossiysk, Russia, Captain Koryashkov was honoured for his time with the Group, where he took time out to explain why he felt the time was right to retire.

He said: "It is very complicated feeling. It is mixture of pride, satisfaction and sadness.

"What I will miss the most is communication with young officers because I like to learn from them about modern things, such as computers and electronics. When I was with those guys, I would forget my age."

Gennady joined his first vessel in the summer of 1964 - a sail ship called Tovarishch. He worked alongside around 150 other sailors who would climb 50m masts and lift heavy canvas sails.

By 1987 he would captain his first ship, although he had not always dreamt of a life at sea. He said: "When I was a boy living in the Ural Mountains, I never saw the sea so I never thought about a career there. But I collected post stamps and saw a very big and beautiful palm on one of them. I decided to see that palm, so at the age of 15 I said goodbye to my mother and flew to Batumi to the Marine College. The rest is history.

"After many years as a seafarer I was more than happy to join V.Ships. It is a very reputable company and certainly well respected. I always felt proud telling other people that I am a VLCC Captain for such a famous company. There are a lot of crewing offices in Novorossiysk, but V.Ships was always was considered number one."