A legacy to treasure

Monday, October 14 - 2013

On 27 September 2013 an article by the president of V.Ships, Roberto Giorgi, was published in the Lloyds List.

The feature entitled 'A legacy to treasure' discusses how the Genoa's Galata Naval Museum will inspire a new generation of shipping men and women.

Roberto said: "Visiting museums and art galleries has never been one of my priorities. As my closest friends are aware, I prefer to spend my time travelling, building relationships and creating business, rather than expanding my academic knowledge.

"So when members of the Association for the Promotion of the Maritime Museum of Genoa approached me to offer me the presidency of this entity, I thought the proposal was, at the very least, bizarre.

"I could not understand how a shipmanager with my personality, unsophisticated in the culture of art and literature, could add value to the association's mission, which is sponsoring and lobbying to develop the activities of the Genovese Maritime Museum.

"But before declining the offer, I decided it would be beneficial to pay a visit to the museum. As happens with a lot of my compatriots, I discovered a true gem hidden in the place where I was born and grew up.

"Perhaps because walking through streets of an Italian city is like walking through history and through the culture of the country, most Italians are the last to know about treasures hidden behind a wall or inside a church."

"Within minutes of visiting the museum, I was in love straight away."

Read the rest of Roberto's article on the Genoa's Galata Naval Museum here.