Dynamic Positioning for V.Ships Poland

Friday, October 11 - 2013

V.Group is investing in the future of the emerging offshore
sector with the launch of a new Dynamic Positioning (DP) training centre.

The new state-of-the-art DP training centre will be based
within the V.Ships Poland crew management office in Gdynia.

The V.Ships Crew Management office, which relocated earlier
this year, will become a V.Offshore centre of excellence and will provide a
high level of support to the offshore workers as well as our expanding offshore
client base that utilise DP systems onboard their vessels.

Dynamic Positioning (DP) is a computer-controlled system
designed to automatically control a vessel's position and heading by computing
data supplied from a variety of sensors then automatically adjusting its own
propellers and thrusters. Examples of vessel types that employ DP include DP
shuttle tankers, accommodation and offshore support and subsea construction

The V.Offshore DP Training Centre will be able to train up
to 12 students at a time. Basic and Advanced DP training courses will be
provided to V.Ships and V.Offshore officers who are training to become DP
Operators or returning for refresher training; these courses will also be
offered to the wider industry.

The multi-task simulators will be capable of simulating DP
operations in a realistic and fully DP equipped ship's bridge environment, with
the vessel's bridge layout including a realistic visual scene. Dynamic
Positioning training courses must be industry approved and that means that the
training facility, instructors, course materials as well as the simulators must
be assessed to ensure they meet stringent requirements.

Andy Cook, Crew Director for V.Group Crew Management said:
"The project is now being developed by Alasdair Ireland, Head of Seafarer
Training and Maciek Bejm, V.Ships Poland MD in collaboration with other
internal stakeholders".

"The V.Offshore DP Training Centre project is a classic
example of good collaboration between various V.Group business units and will positively
impact on vessels and units crewed and/or operated by V.Offshore and V.Ships".

The V.Offshore DP Training Centre is scheduled to open in 2014.

For more information please contact: andrew.cook@vships.com