Adrift woman saved by Rio Grande crew

Thursday, April 10 - 2014

The crew of the Rio Grande had a pleasant surprise when rescue survivor Senhora Vania Carrera Prado visited the vessel with her husband on 31st March 2014 to thank crew members one more time for their incredible actions last December.

While on approach to Sao Sebastiao, Brazil, on 28th December 2013, OS/Messman Ronel Francisco Hospital spotted a lone person drifting out to open sea so quickly raised the alarm. The crew of the Rio Grande immediately threw a lifebuoy into the water and informed the bridge of the situation by radio. 

The vessel altered course so they could recover the adrift person and a lookout was posted on the bridge wing to observe them. The survivor, civilian Senhora Vania Carrera Prado, was rescued within minutes. She was found to be in shock but fully mobile and coherent. Senhora Prado was given first aid, water, food, dry clothes and blankets by the crew.

Visiting the Rio Grande in March of 2014, Senhora Prado and her husband thanked the crew cordially for their life saving efforts.

Master of the Rio Grande, Robert Gogosza, said: "It was a  surprise and great pleasure to all of us see her in good health."

Captain Gogosza also expressed his thanks on behalf of all Rio Grande crew for the V.Ships team members who supported them during that time.

Rio Grande is a DP2 shuttle tanker managed by V.Ships Brasil and supported by V.Ships Poland.

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