Formosa Falcon to the rescue in the Florida Straits

Friday, June 20 - 2014

On 21st April 2014, while sailing in the Florida Strait, the V.Ships Asia managed vessel MT "Formosa Falcon" noticed a small craft adrift in the ocean.

The people in the boat were waving their arms and shirts to draw attention and so the Formosa Falcon altered course to confirm if it was in distress.

After informing the US Coast Guard of the situation, the Formosa Falcon started a rescue operation.

Due to the excellent seamanship skills of the Formosa Falcon crew, all sixteen persons were rescued from the craft. The survivors were found to have come from Cuba. All were suffering from dehydration and fatigue and so the crew of the Formosa Falcon immediately rendered first aid and provided the survivors with food and water.

When the crew spoke with the survivors they revealed that they had left Cuba on 1st April 2014 and shortly after their propeller had broken and GPS malfunctioned leaving them lost and at the mercy of the sea. They soon exhausted their supply of fresh water and food and had no communication equipment or lighting on board. We understand that the Formosa Falcon was the 6th vessel they sighted in last 3-4 days but no other vessel had answered their call for help and assistance.

The survivors were later transferred to a US Coastguard cutter, after which the Formosa Falcon resumed her passage to Le Havre.

Well done to Captain Kumar and the officers and crew of Formosa Falcon on a great job!