Management Transfer Unit

Wednesday, June 03 - 2015

MTU 2015

With increased legislation and more rigorous vessel inspections, high standards of compliance depend upon our ability to implement our management systems and develop a culture of excellence - quickly.

To meet this challenge, V.Ships is forming a cadre of senior seagoing officers, expert in V.Ships Management Systems - the Management Transfer Unit (MTU). Individuals or teams of Senior Officers with current V.Ships experience will be deployed when required to observe, takeover or supervise vessels during critical management periods as well as undertaking vessel audits and inspections as required.

Captain Andy Cook, Global Crew Operations Manager: "This is a demanding role that will provide diversity and challenge for Senior Officers with the right personal qualities and seagoing experience. Not just a technical expert, you will have the gravitas, tact and leadership style required to implement change, regardless of the crew nationalities on board a vessel.

"Maximum V.Ships wages would be paid, according to rank and specialisation in addition to full Senior officer Partnership benefits and MTU specific rejoining bonuses. This opportunity will appeal to Senior Officers who seek greater variety in their career and who may have an ambition to work in a shore-based management role in the fullness of time."

To apply, please email your service CV with a covering letter to Captain Andy Cook and the Management Transfer Unit co-ordination team to: