V.Ships Cadet tall ship on board diary – Entry 1

Thursday, July 02 - 2015

Lucky V.Ships Deck Cadet Duje Paladin from Croatia took part in the adventure of a lifetime sailing on board century old tall ship 'Irene' with Merseyside Adventure Sailing Trust (MAST) this summer. 

Each day we share entries from his on board diary written during his voyage from Glasgow to Liverpool by sea.

The day before the vessel sailed, V.Ships Crew Operations Manager Ozgur Yilmaz and Communications Officer Rachael Simpson escorted Cadet Paladin to embark on his new ship.

The tall ship 'Irene' was first owned by Symons, a brick manufacturer, and served as a cargo ship. The vessel is a 100-foot ketch built in Bridgwater in 1907, the last ship built in the docks and the only ketch built in the West Country still sailing. Today she is maintained by a small crew and sails to different destinations giving people a chance to learn leadership, teamwork, communication skills and problem solving on board.

Cadet Paladin has sailed on board two modern vessels during his cadetship. Before going on board the 'Irene', he spoke to Rachael and Ozgur about his thoughts on joining the tall ship: "I'm really excited of course, but it's my first time on board a tall ship so I don't know really what it's going to be like. I'm looking forward to it. I don't mind hard work. I think it will be fun."

Duje Collage


Day 1

"Today at 1500 hours I came on board. The Captain of S.V. "Irene" introduced me to everyone. By the time it was evening we had already connected very well.

"Captain said tomorrow at 1400 is our departure time and in the morning we will start with training and safety procedures.

"There are three standard crew members on Irene; Captain, Chief Mate, and Ordinary Seaman/Cook."