V.Ships Cadet tall ship on board diary – Entry 2

Tuesday, July 07 - 2015

Lucky V.Ships Deck Cadet Duje Paladin from Croatia took part in the adventure of a lifetime sailing on board century old tall ship 'Irene' with Merseyside Adventure Sailing Trust (MAST) this summer. 

Each day we share entries from his on board diary written during his voyage from Glasgow to Liverpool by sea.Diary 2

Day 2

"This morning all crew woke up around 07:00, together we ate breakfast, and we've been waiting on deck at 08:00 o'clock.

"The Captain showed us how to set sails, make knots and how to use the compass. However, it was fun to learn some new knots, which I didn't know before, and that we really don't use on M.V. (merchant vessel), setting sails was a little bit complicated for whole crew, but also for myself because I never worked with sail before.

"After that training, I thought we will never set sail alone, without assistance of captain or mate, not even if we're going to stay on board for 1 year. Some people were struggling with all of the procedures. We finished with training around noon, and then we had lunch.

"Departure was at 14:15 exactly, and it was official beginning of our adventure. Departure was almost same as it is on M.V., but everything is just smaller and quicker. Ropes all over deck are making life on board more complicated.

"We sailed through the river until dinner. During the dinner Captain separated us in 2 groups, and made a schedule of work for next week. I was in Captain watch, and my duty was from midnight till 06:00 am, and from noon until 06:00pm. Each group contained 5 crew members plus captain in one, and mate in other.

"End of the day - It's time to take rest!"