V.Ships Cadet tall ship on board diary – Entry 3

Wednesday, July 08 - 2015

Lucky V.Ships Deck Cadet Duje Paladin from Croatia took part in the adventure of a lifetime sailing on board century old tall ship 'Irene' with Merseyside Adventure Sailing Trust (MAST) this summer. 

Each day we share entries from his on board diary written during his voyage from Glasgow to Liverpool by sea.Diary 3

Day 3

"I woke up at 11:30 pm, and at 11:50 I was already on deck. We were on anchor, at Holy Lock. This was anchor watch, which is almost the same as on M.V., but here we don't have radar. Every 30 minutes we had to write down position of vessel and visual check to see if we are drifting. It was cold, but crew was really good, so it made our watch easier. Afternoon watch started from noon and the weather was awful; it started to rain, and wind got stronger. So, we lift up the anchor and spread all canvas.

"I had incredible feeling that I am seaman in 18th century while we were pulling ropes, all wet, with wind in our face, and captain was shouting: "2-6-heave!" (It was expression that was used in British Royal Navy. Every team on board had 6 crew members, and numbered roles. After loading, it was the task of the men numbered two and six to heave the cannon out the gunport for firing). 

"It was literally a fight with wind, but also pushing our own limits. I think this was a moment when I fell in love with sailing. After we set sails, it was time to clean deck from ropes. Rule was; "no ropes touching the deck", and captain was clear about that. Rolling intervals are more often then on bigger vessels, and its not problem for me, but one crew member got sea sickness today.

"After duty we set down for dinner, that lasted 3 hours. They accepted me as they would accept any British on board. Thanks to "2-6-heave", we started to sing "Oh o ho, and a bottle of a rum", but after few minutes it become boring, because we didn't knew lyrics of that song, and we have no signal on board to Google it. So, it is time to sleep, and next day is starting in only 3 hours."