V.Ships Cadet tall ship on board diary - Entry 7

Wednesday, July 22 - 2015

Lucky V.Ships Deck Cadet Duje Paladin from Croatia took part in the adventure of a lifetime sailing on board a century old tall ship 'Irene' with Merseyside Adventure Sailing Trust (MAST) this summer.

Each week we share entries from his on board diary written during his voyage from Glasgow to Liverpool by sea. 20150624_200028

Day 7

"Even God rested on the seventh day, but not the 'Irene' crew. We were full of energy and adrenalin because we knew our adventure is coming to an end. At this time we are a well trained crew that wants to sail, and soon we are leaving. We are 30 miles far from Liverpool - the place where our adventure ends.

"The crew were very interested about a seaman's job, and they were asking me all possible questions you can ask someone about his job. In the end they said that they are going to apply for the V.Ships Cadet Program, because they like life at sea. This situation shows how amazing this week was. I learned the job that is actually root of modern seaman's job, and how this job was evolving; from old merchant tall ships to modern merchant cargo vessels.

"But the purpose remains the same. It was amazing experience; no TV, internet, laptops, mobile phones, but hard work, making new friends, learning old ways of work, that can still help in modern job. During this week we had been able to take a shower only once, on the Isle of Man. Sometimes it happens that we have a lack of fresh water on our modern cargo vessels, but for the rest of the crew, this was really shocking. So, actually we were feeling like real old school seafarers (but we had chocolate, and they had rum).

"Tomorrow morning we arrive in Liverpool, so, once again we decided to stay awake. We are counting our last hours together. My duties start at 00:00."