Navigational Safety

Monday, October 05 - 2015

Navigation is at the very heart of what we do as a company and impacts on our safety and the reputation of the business - this is the key message from Matt Dunlop in the latest film in our Safety Culture series.

Every day, our vessels are exposed to the risks and dangers of navigation at sea. Standards of navigation have recently been highlighted by a significant collision incident, so we have decided to focus this film on the topic of Navigational Safety.

Mike Bradshaw, Head of Compliance, Marine Operations said: "While our initial response to the collision was to look for underlying failures, eliminate causes and improve barriers, we then took it to another level and wanted to enhance the ability of our bridge teams to anticipate, monitor, respond and learn. This film captures all of these key learnings."

The intention of the video is to highlight the continuing need for high standards in navigation, and to provide a forum for the entire bridge team to commit to how they might improve. The DVD currently being rolled out to all vessels includes two case studies; one covering the collision, and the other looking at a grounding incident. These case studies enable much more detailed examination of principles, using a real VDR data to provide the background for discussion.

As another first for V.Ships, we are proud to have input on this film from Steve Clinch, Chief Inspector of the UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch - great endorsement for the production quality and teamwork offered by Marlins throughout.

While the Navigation Safety film and case studies are now being despatched to each vessel in full management, seafarers can access the film right now via the Seafarers Learning Management System (LMS).