V.Ships India Cadet's honoured by IMS Goa

Thursday, December 24 - 2015

It was a proud moment for V.Ships India at the recent Institute of Maritime Studies (IMS) Goa Excellence Awards when the majority of those named were revealed to be V.Ships own carefully selected TME's.

The IMS Goa is one of the leading maritime engineering training institutes in India. V.Ships has been associated with this institute for almost 16 years since its inception and recruiting their trainee marine engineers. Every year V.Ships recruits around 20 GME's (Graduate Marine Engineers) and 10 DME's (Diploma Marine Engineers) from IMS Goa. These engineers are carefully chosen by V.Ships through personal interviews after which they have to complete their training terms at the institute.

The following TME's received awards:
(2013 -2015 Diploma Batch)
• Ehren Rodrigues,
• Alith A. D'Souza,
• Govindaraja Nadar

(2014 Graduate Entry Batch)
• Floyd A.F. Alfonso,
• Shriniwas M. Deshmukh

Capt Rajesh Tandon Managing Director of V.Ships India, attended the awards in November as a guest of honour and offers his congratulations to these future Engineers: "This is a very proud moment for all of us. These TME's, who represent the best and brightest of the institute, will in the future take their industrious spirit and positive attitude on board and go on to become valuable assets to our company."