Chef De Partie, Jerome Richard Jayaraj

Chef Testimonial

32 year old Chef Chef De Partie, Jerome Richard Jayaraj is from Coimbatore in South India and has been worked with V.Ships for 8 years. He currently prepares meals on board the Silver Sea cruise ship helping to serve around 580 passengers every day.

"When you work in a hotel or restaurant you are stuck in one place. When you work on a cruise line you can travel the world. This job was a good opportunity for me to travel and learn about many other world dishes. My favourite place to go is Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. I also enjoy visiting Asia and places like Singapore. When I have a break in the evening I will explore the area we are visiting and try all the local food. My favourite meal to prepare is fresh pasta.

"On the ship, the galley I work in is very large and has the most advanced kitchen machinery. Having this kind of easy to use technology - advanced grill, oven, hot plate, etc. means we can do things quickly and to a high standard. We can prepare food √† la minute, this means we can serve a fresh meal within 15 minutes. 

"The biggest challenge of the job is guest satisfaction. We have a culinary 'bible' which the chief staff put together which has all our standard menus. We want 100% satisfaction for all our guests. Not just one, but every single person must be satisfied with their meal. It is my mission to give the guests a good product and make every guest happy. The best part of my role I would have to say is the teamwork in the galley and the way I can support all the other departments.

"My experience with V.Ships has been very good. I've enjoyed working with them for the past 8 years and thanks to V.Ships I'm very proud of my career. For me, V.Ships is a company that works had to put the right person in the right place. They are very helpful to the crew and have a good teamwork approach as well as following all the correct medical and legal procedures for working at sea."