Napoleon Jr Arrellano, Hotel Stores Manager

Napoleon Jr Arrellano

Napoleon Jr Arrellano has climbed the career ladder and is now seeing the world as a Hotel Stores Manager.

The 39 year-old from Manila, Philippines - known to his colleagues as 'Paul' - has been a part of the V.Group family since 2004, where he started life as a Galley Utility.

After two years of working in this position, he discovered an interest in the supplies side of the business and requested to cross train to provision utility.

Having completed this cross training, Paul was able to change positions and departments to begin his career in his current line of work.

He said: "It was tough to completely change my position as you need to learn so much more about your new role within the company.

"However, having worked nearly four years as provision utility and then onto provision manager, I was offered the promotion to Hotel Stores Manager where I have been for a little over two years.

"The support I received from my supervisors on-board and ashore was great. I was grateful to the company for giving me the opportunity for my future.

"I enjoy all the planning of the orders in advance, receiving the product and the interaction that I have not just with a couple of departments on-board, but with all.

"I feel Hotel Stores is the heart and soul of the ship, and I am grateful I have a job I like, as there are so many out there that do not enjoy what they do."

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