Gary Cole, Heavy Lift Crane Operator


Gary joined the V.Ships team in February 2011 and has been working in the offshore industry since January 1979 - a total of 36 years. He currently works on board the OSA Goliath, a Heavy Lift Vessel.

"I was inspired to go into this industry because at the time my older brother was a Crane Operator. He managed to get me a job as a Roustabout and from there I worked my way up to Assistant Crane Operator and then eventually to Crane Operator. 

"There are many qualities that are required to perform this job. The most important though is the ability to work with people. You work with crews from all over the world, with many different nationalities. If you can't learn to adjust and work with people then you aren't going to last in this industry.

"Safety is now the bottom line [in offshore]. If a company doesn't have a good safety record then the clients don't even want to deal with them. I feel it is a change for the better, resulting in a much safer workplace for everyone.

"I have nothing but good things to say about V.Ships. My experience with each and every one of the people in the Cyprus office has been amazing. There hasn't been an issue that I have had that hasn't been addressed in a fast and professional manner. 

"I would absolutely reccommend this job to any person, young or otherwise, who would be interested in working in the offshore industry. As long as you are aware of all the things that come with it such as time away from home and family, and the frequent travel. If they can handle this, then it is a great place to work!"