Czeslaw Miaskowski, Captain

Master Czeslaw

Czeslaw is a Master on DP shuttle tankers and has been with V.Ships for just over a year.

"Working on board vessels was my plan from childhood really, then throughout the years of my career and all the way to today's position.

"Being Master is a very complex issue nowadays. It starts with managing people but also includes managing administrative duties and all the operational side of working onboard the vessel.

"I would say to be a good Master on a DP vessel you have to be a man of more than a few talents to be efficient. Compared to conventional tankers, shuttle tankers are a quite specific area of sailing and make many more roundtrips. I think the most challenging part of the job is having the ability to quickly switch over between things - from supervising a mooring operation to answering emails or taking care of administration."

"Honestly, in the beginning V.Ships was just one of a few choices when I was looking for a new job in the market, but after one year I can say I like that things have happened the way that we agreed before I joined and that is a big plus. While joining I was aware it was going to be a big challenge as the company was just starting its operations in this segment of the market. I knew from the beginning it would take a lot of time and work to get things running properly but there has been really good support from V.Ships and I truly feel that co-operation has been quite good.

"With rising pressures from oil majors there is a strong focus on safety and efficiency in a shuttle tanker fleet. It's an interesting career because shuttle tanker fleets are normally rather young fleets and you are working with modern technology in vessels that are really part of a leading class of tankers."