Marcin Wieliki, Chief Officer

Marcin Wieliki Chief Officer

Marcin joined V.Ships at the end of April 2013 after studying for five years at maritime colleges in Poland and Ireland and gaining experience on DP vessels. He is now Chief Officer on board the Sao Luiz.

"When I started at primary and secondary school I never told anyone that I wanted to be a seafarer. I planned a totally different career; I wanted to be a network architect and applied to maritime academy as a back-up. After I passed my exams and was accepted to both university and the maritime academy I had two months to decide. I picked the maritime academy but I think this the best job for me and I really enjoy it. I can't say I have to drag myself to my profession on the vessel or that I'm sad because I don't like my work - for me this is a very fun and good job!

"Each day is a different situation, even each connection is different. When we have a connection I must be on full alert because we have a Bow Loading System (BLS) which I operate during the connection and this takes maybe 5 or 6 hours. I have done 90+ connections but every single one of them was different.

"The BLS can be, I think, the most challenging part of the job because this equipment is very expensive and it's very easy to damage so you must be extremely careful. As I have so much experience with system it is like a normal operation for me but you can't say you know the system perfectly because every situation is different. You must always think about it and manage the operation efficiently as possible.

"V.Ships is a good company so when they offered me the job, I said 'Yes, of course, no problem!' The company now has a new fleet of shuttle tankers which are quite modern vessels with good design and soon they will open a new DP training centre. I feel they have collected all the best experience together to join the offshore market."