Cadet Cogar N. Carpo

DEck Cadet Cogar Nuera Carpo

"I joined V.Ships in September 2012 and have just acquired the license as Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch."

Cadet Carpo was inspired to join the industry because of the good salary and long term career prospect for seafarers. "I am one of those hundreds and thousands of seafarers who wanted to sacrifice things for my family's sake, and I believe this industry is one of the fastest ways of reaching success. Having a positive attitude and discipline will, I believe, bring the position which you are aspiring for. Being a seafarer has always been the hardest job and the maritime industry is a complex world."

He says that the key qualities for a good seafarer are: resilience, responsibility, adaptability, diligence, eagerness, enthusiasm, an intelligent approach, and the ability to interact well with others socially.

"There have been a lot of things I have learnt in my entire seafaring career, more than just traveling across the 7 continents. I have discovered my in-depth maturity as I welcome the challenges onboard the ship. Primarily, I was able to learn new things which I've never acquired in school or on land. The experience has added to my technical knowledge and it is a big calling for me to be able to discover new things and apply them to my daily routine."

There are challenges says Cadet Carpo, such as working with lots of different people, difficult weather conditions, demanding tasks and being far out at sea, but team work helps make it worthwhile.

"When I got stumbled and baffled I have the help and support of my seniors and officers. I've got these people to cheer me up and help me continue to pursue my goals. Despite the challenges, just to be with friends and colleagues working together to achieve our goals is what makes it the most enjoyable, no matter how tiring the day is.

"I would highly recommend the seafaring career and promote its good contribution to society. I believe that today's young people are bold and are willing to go beyond the usual. If they have the ambition and guts to embrace the modern world, then it will be something they need to try.

"V.Ships has been a big part of change in my life, it became my stepping stone for my dreams and aspirations in life, this company opened its door when others are closed and I honestly believe that this company will also be the one to help me achieve the success that I've been longing for. This company prepared me to become a real seafarer and is continue to mould me and that enables me to become a stronger and a better me."