Aleksandr Matokhin - Captain


With over 30 years of shipping experience, Aleksandr Matokhin couldn't be happier since joining V.Ships.

A graduate from Novorossiysk Marine Academy, the captain began life with the company in 2004, and would encourage anyone with a seafaring passion to align themselves with the group.

He said: "V.Ships is a great company to work for because seafarers have a good relationship with the people who run the organisation.

"The office always gives you the necessary support, and when there is a feel good factor in a company, and you have strong relations with your employees, it is easy to work."

Aleksandr prides himself on being professional, and is currently completing a dissertation focused on computerised risk assessment while manoeuvring in congested waters.

He added: "I love my job. I have been a captain for more than 20 years, and I have a great deal of knowledge I'm keen to pass onto others.

"I enjoy teaching, training and supporting crews and other captains, which is something I am able to do with V.Ships."

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