Cadet Rico Collina


21 year old POMI Engineering Cadet Rico Collina joined V.Ships in September 2012 and has served internationally on two consecutive vessels.

"I have two things that got me into the industry - my ambition and my dream. My dream is to have changes in our life in the province. My ambition - I want to become someone in the future that leads people and receives respect from those people that I am leading. I want to have those great responsibilities that demand highly effective decision making ability and of course to have the best outcome with those decisions and I think being a Senior Officer one day and to be exact being a Chief Engineer someday, I strongly believe that I can satisfy that dream of mine.

"The best piece of advice I received is from my senior officers, those people that I have encountered on the last two vessels that I was assigned to. They said that if you have dreams; pursue it, aim for it and when you achieve it, be confident and humble. Do not carry your own chair; just keep your feet on the ground, because those are the important key things, not only in this industry alone, but also to be a good individual in the community as well.

"V.Ships really changed my life into a different level. They brought me into something great. They opened the door to the career that I have been waiting to get into ever since I graduated from my school. They allow me to be surrounded by people with different skills, expertise and experience. They imparted to me their knowledge which I acquired and I use it in my daily work on board, but I think the main thing that the company helps me is giving the financial support to my family at a young age. I consider V.Ships, ever since I started here in the company, as my home so just like going home in my province when I go here in the office I always feel at home because of the people here that I know and that I already have an experience with for almost 5 months. So I think home and V.Ships is the same.

"I would recommend this career especially to all those young people that are considering entering into this industry. Seafaring is exciting, fun, challenging and has a lot of surprises so if you want to have that experience and have the opportunity to change whatever you want in your life then I highly recommend seafaring."