Captain Barnard Padilla

Seafarer Wife -001

Captain Barnard Padilla sails on board oil and chemical tankers. He joined V.Ships POMI in 1996 then left the company in 2000 and re-joined in 2013.

"There is a word - versatility. A jack of all trades, I think that's how I would describe the qualities a good seafarer should have. It's a general term, but it's like possessing qualities like open mindedness, hard work, dedication, patience. And that gears towards competence, because it's globally competitive the work of a seaman.

"For the younger ones they have this great opportunity in making big and good in this industry. It's a very challenging industry, challenging work, especially when you are away from your family. For a seaman, you spend most of your time on the ship and just a portion of it with your family. But you can travel the world for free and here in the Philippines we all contribute to the Government now.

"Yeah, I have a team on board, and my wife is my team at home! The best piece of advice I have ever received was be a good listener and - be a good listener! As a master with the seafarers, you are living on one ship, only a small area with 19 or 20 seafarers so if there are problems, especially for the crew, they come to the senior officers and most of the time to me - you need to listen. In order for me to assess and to give advice I have to listen, and in return they know that when you are listening - you know you are giving importance to them and importance to what they are saying. They feel like they are really part of a family on board. They feel at ease.

"I think the biggest challenge for seafarers today is that you must become a very competitive seafarer; there are plenty of nationalities globally available. But how can we do that? How do you become a competitive seafarer? OK, education is there, we also have to have the support of the government and the support of V.Ships is very important. And then you have to have the drive to achieve the job you have been tasked to. In this seafaring industry - the same as V.Ships always says, there is no place for complacency. We always have to have safety first. For seafarers it's our health that gives us the opportunity to go on the ship.

"Overall V.Ships has given this great opportunity to support my family in a financially rewarding career. "