Second Officer Alexey Vakulenko


Second Officer Alexey Vakulenko joined V.Ships in 2007 and is currently working towards becoming a Chief Officer.  In his free time on board the Front Adrienne he works on developing towards this goal. While working, his duties as Second Officer include keeping watch on the Bridge under the STCW Convention, navigation, chart keeping, and checking all of the equipment.

"I have now served five contracts with V.Ships. I have stayed with V.Ships for a long time because I like this company. I like V.Ships policies regarding safety and pollution and their crew resource management. I have become very close to the superintendents and working personnel at BGI Novorossiysk office and I know all of the crew managers, they are very clever and very good. They always smile. I have been able to take part in conferences with V.Ships recently and I heard some of the senior V.Ships mangers speak at an event in Russia. They have a good sense of humour and are very knowledgeable about the shipping industry. The fleet is also good, and the supply in the provision stores is kept at a good level. Most of all I really like the people who work in the company."

"There are challenges. The most difficult part of the job is the paperwork - Senior Officers must record and report each procedure, but even though there is a lot to do it is manageable. The best part of the job is having the chance to see different countries and meet different nationalities. It is interesting to speak to them and know about their culture. The most interesting place I have visited was Rio de Janerio in Brazil. The job also enables me to support my family well."

In his free time Alexey enjoys spending time with his family, scuba diving, snorkelling, aquarium husbandry and fishing with friends.