Umang Harishbhai Thakar - Cadet

Cadet Thakur

22 year old Cadet Umang Harishbhai Thakar from India joined V.Ships in July 2009 and has sailed on vessels including the Front Scilla and Senatore.

"The Merchant Navy is a field which has a varied and prosperous history and a bright scintillating future. Almost every 2 out of 3 young lads I know aspire to become an officer in Merchant Navy. I always wanted to do a challenging and a prestigious job and no one from my whole family was in Merchant Navy. So, joining Merchant Navy and becoming part of V.Ships industries was almost a dream come true for me!

"My experience so far has been excellent in terms of learning Shipboard Tasks, learning various Ship related day to day activities, learning how to efficiently run a Ship and how to contribute your part in the whole process. Help from my Senior Officers has been very valuable and very important too. The most important thing I have learned was how to tackle various difficulties with the resources you have at hand. Learning the actual meaning of team work was my biggest asset of lessons learned onboard.

"If I were to sum up my experience in one quote then it would be - 'We are not here to compete with each other, but we are here to complete each other!'