Chief Engineer Loel Catindoy

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Loel joined V.Ships in 2009 and has since worked on the Channel Alliance and the Channel Navigator. He was Third Engineer on the Alliance and now works as Chief Engineer on the Navigator.

"It's very hard work in the engine room, there is a lot of pressure and we must make sure the engine room is up to standard. I've only worked on two vessels since 2009. Sometimes the crew are different but because I know the ships really well it means there fewer problems.

"I enjoy the job because I always wanted to become a seafarer and I like life on board very much.

"I work with an all Filipino crew and I have nine people in my team including four officers, a 2nd engineer, 3rd engineer, 4th engineer, oiler, engineer cadet, and electrician.  When we start work in the morning, first we talk about the safety, what the hazard might be and how to be aware of the work related hazards. This is very important, I always tell my guys if you have a suggestion or any safety matters to just come and ask me and we can fix it together. As chief engineer I must always be on stand by and check the operations.  It's my responsibility to make sure everything in the engine room is ok and that my subordinates have a safe working environment.

"When I was younger I always knew wanted to work at sea which is why I took marine engineering at college and luckily for me I have worked on very good vessels with V.Ships during my career.

"V.Ships manages a lot of really good vessels and the policies for seafarers are good, especially things like insurance and health benefits."