Cadet Saikat Sil

Saikat Sil

Cadet Saikat Sil from India has wanted to be a seafarer since setting eyes on his first tanker. He became part of the V.Ships family in August 2012 and joined his first vessel in Hong Kong in March 2013.

"When I was a kid in 5th class my family and I went to Visakhapatnam, that day I saw a tanker at anchorage. I think that was love in first sight - that day I decided one day I will be working on it.

"A sea job is an adventurous job; it is not like an 8am to 4pm job. At sea, every day is different and I think adventure is in my DNA. I like to travel and photography hence I think this is a kind of job which completes me. It is also providing me with good money as well as opportunity to see the world.

"V.Ships is supporting me very much in the earlier stages of my career as a Trainee and I know that company will continue to be supportive in every stage of my career. In the future I want to become a Captain and a successful person who can take care of all my crew and do my job confidently. I am very happy that the company has given me opportunity to share my views and I am very happy that I am a part of such a reputed organization.

"My onboard experience has been very good. All the Officers and crew were very good to me. They always taught me everything and always clarified my doubt. I always enjoyed my watch with my Chief Officer, he taught me everything from passage planning to taking sight, from bridge watch to deck work, cargo planning. He supported me and I enjoined taking sight and finding ship position and comparing it with GPS. My 3rd officer was like my best friend on board.

"Finally I want to conclude with a big thanks to my company for supporting me on early stages of my career and I will hope that they will support me throughout my career for life with company."