Engine Technical Interviewer 2nd Engineer Renell E. Aco

2nd Engr . Renell Aco

Second Engineer Renell E. Aco support V.Group Manila's recruitment team as Engine Technical Interviewer.

"I joined V.Ships when I was a cadet, year 2001, same year when I graduated on College at Philippine Merchant Marine Academy.

"Sailing on open seas is a serious profession, working away from love ones is a very challenging task in life. In this kind of job I need to have good leadership's skills to help me manage the different character of every person (crew) on board. A very wide understanding mind set for different people's attitude is very necessary for you to have a good team work onboard.

"As an engineer, challenges on daily life at sea are a very common. And for me, these are already part of my job description onboard.  But the most challenging and the most difficult part is how to deal with those people (crew) onboard with a different kind of attitude (Bad attitude). But as a leader I still need to deal with them to earn their respect and cooperation for the whole department.

"My uncle introduced and encouraged me into this line of profession as he knew someone who'd been in this job for several years and he considered him as a good example of a successful seafarer. Because of his encouragement, I am now here in this position and as a one of the senior engineer onboard. Definitely I will recommend this profession to a person who has an aspiring motivation and courage to be a successful person someday as my Uncle did before.

"Since cadet I served V.Ships and as my career keeps growing, this company is supporting my needs not only in my financial term but of course in my career as a professional marine engineer. I can say that here in V.Ships my careers in life is very well secure."