Stepan Medvedev, Crew System Expert

Stepan Medvedev 2

Stepan Medvedev rose from being a Crew Assistant to Crew System Expert in just two years.

Supporting V.Ships Manpower services, the 24-year-old from Latvia, who is based in BGI Riga, took up his position in 2009 and is tasked with improving the overall usage of available crew applications within V.Group.

This includes data quality assurance, improving effectiveness of crew operations through IT and training office staff in handling both existing and new seafarer applications.

As a part of IT support team, he also solves user and system related issues, maintaining training documentation and user guides for crew applications, tests new software and helps improve the Group's online management tools through user consultation sessions.

He said: "V.Group is an excellent company to work for. The job I do gives me great satisfaction, as I get to see my ideas turned quickly into reality and implemented for everyday use to constantly improve how we operate.

"The company is a great base for professional and personal development in the maritime industry, and gives you the chance to travel across the globe within the worldwide Group office network. For instance, studying in the Maritime Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia - funded by V.Ships is giving me an opportunity to grow further which is so necessary for my career aspirations.

"That's not even mentioning the numerous great people I have met during my time with the company! It really is a great company to be a part of."

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