Arun Cardoza Flag State Co-ordinator


Arun Cardoza is a Flag State Co-ordinator at V.Ships India in Mumbai. He joined the company in January 2008 after seeing a post advertised in a Maritime newspaper.

"As a Flag State Co-ordinator, we apply for flag documentation for the seafarers joining the vessels. On a day to day basis we liaise with the flag authorities for safe manning certificates. The vessel must sail under a particular flag, so they need to have the correct documents for the seafarers. This means they have the correct licenses to sail under this flag - for example an Indian seafarer sailing on a Greek vessel would need to have the right flag state documents to allow them to sail under a Greek flag.

"It requires an application and medical - basically it's about getting the right documentation which includes their sea time, their experience. Each flag state application is different some are online while some are forms which require physical copies of official documents to be sent courier. Some are easier than others. Every single seafarer going on board must have the right flag state approved documentation.

"The most challenging part of the job is keeping up with the regulations as they keep on changing on a day to day basis and there are always new things coming up so we need to be aware of all the criteria before actually sourcing a seafarer - but the best part of the job is the new challenges, that there are new things coming up very often. Giving a good performance is important of course, but I also like learning new things and new challenges. You get to talk to lots of people on a daily basis. I really enjoy that part of my job - I can actually interact with people, especially internationally.

"I have learned a lot at V.Ships and overall the staff, the employees they are very good. Some offices can have problems with internal politics, but here at V.Ships we don't have that. The employees here can talk to the managers and cooperate. I enjoy being here at V.Ships. In the future I'd like to continue working with the company in a role which has more interaction directly with the seafarers, particularly to be able to talk to them directly and understand their problems."

When he's not at work, Arun likes to take care of his pets: "I love animals. I have a lot of pets. I currently have a dog, a cocker spaniel, a turtle, an aquarium, and a lot of birds at my place. When I get home from work I tend to them. It's a lot like the movie Ace Ventura when I go home! First my dog comes running to me and then all the other pets. I love my pets."