Travel Co-ordinator Leah Saldanha

Leah (2)

Leah joined V.Ships in 2012 as a Travel Coordinator. After studying Political Science at University she decided to get into the marine travel industry because of her love of travel. She worked in Singapore before joining the team at V.Ships Mumbai.

Her role involves arranging flights and issuing tickets for seafarers on their way to or from the vessels they are serving onboard.

"I worked in the travel industry before and I thought it would be a better step for me to get into a shipping company. Basically right now I am handling the Singapore fleet so I get emails from clients all over and they ask me to book their flights either to sign on to the vessel or to sign off, so I book the flights and issue the tickets.

"You do need a lot of patience. Clients can be quite demanding and you need to be able to be calm and patient. You also need a lot of knowledge about geography, and where the vessels are. You can master the booking system quite quickly, but patience and world knowledge are the essential things. I've been doing this kind of role for six years and in the future I would like to do something similar, but take on more responsibility and try something a little more advanced.

"V.Ships as a company is very nice; they do take care of their employees. The best part of the job is if a client really likes the flight I've booked for them. Sometimes I have Superintendents and they actually write back and say it was a really good flight, or they might say 'the booking was perfect' and that's really nice and I feel satisfaction.

Outside of work, Leah ride motorbikes and is a wildlife photographer. She also enjoys baking and says she will be doing one of these three things in any given weekend!

"I also love travel, one day I would like to travel to Iceland and New Zealand."