Alexander Dragoy, Marine Safety Consultant

Checking Of PMS On Board In Master 's PC

Alexander is a Marine Safety Consultant for SeaTec. Before joining SeaTec in 2002, Alexander was a First Class Engineer for Diesel powered vessels of unlimited capacity. He has 10 years' experience as Chief Engineer on different types of tankers.

"Since I started the job with SeaTec in 2002 the role has considerably changed. We are working now much more closely with managers and our training programme. I believe this is really improving the knowledge of V.Ships crews and readiness of vessels to 3rd Party Inspections.

"During the years I have worked in the SeaTec part of the V.Ships Group, this process of continual improvement of safety management system is very obvious. And also the great thing here is that we as SeaTec Consultants we are directly involved in this process of developing safety management skills of staff on board the vessels managed by V.Ships.

 "My favourite part of the job is training of crew with practical exercises, interactive methods and coaching personally to be sure that all Officers completely understand safety procedures and know how to start any safety system on board.

"The greatest thing about working with V.Group is that it is a continuously improving company which is increasing its fleet of managed vessels. This just confirms that many ship owners are confident in the V.Ships as a highest quality Management Company with absolute regard for the safety and the environment."