Natalia Kmiecik, Crew Coordinator

Natalia Kmiecik , Crew Coordinator

Natalia joined the V.Ships Poland office in 2012 and is currently on secondment in Scotland at our Glasgow office. She previously worked in translation.

"I saw the advert online for V.Ships and decided I just had to go for it. The Poland office was growing and around half of the people in office joined then. We were all new together so we all have a really good connection now because we started from the very beginning together.

"My role involves arranging for the seafarers to join the vessels and plan crew changes. The duties are connected with arranging VISAS, arranging flights, informing the agents, making sure all documents are valid, and that the seafarers have everything like their medical and fitness certificates.

"We really have so many situations to learn about, it sounds very trivial but you really are learning every day because we work with people. We have to co-operate with agents, the travel agency arranging flights and visas - it's like you have puzzles and you have to keep them altogether to make a good picture.

 "I think for me the best thing about working for V.Ships is that it's never boring. Today is not like yesterday and it always keeps on changing, you never know exactly what it is you're going to do. That's what I really like, that I have so much to do and that it's always something different. You're always learning new things."