Rachael Simpson, Communications Officer

Rae 50

Rachael Simpson is Communications Officer at V.Ships and Editor of V.News magazine. Before joining V.Ships in September 2013, Rachael studied for a degree in English Literature and a masters degree in Multimedia Journalism in Scotland.  She has over 5 years' professional experience in media.

"My role is very varied which means I have the opportunity to learn about many different aspects of the company. From day to day I might be designing adverts, updating our websites, putting together V.News, taking photographs, writing press releases, managing our social media or visiting one of our offices to help with a media project. V.Group has an extremely diverse portfolio of business units which means I'm always learning about something new.

"I'm not originally from a shipping background so I find it extremely interesting to learn about this vital industry and the people who support it.  I was initially attracted to the role as Communications Officer with V.Ships for the same reason I think a lot our seafarers are interested in joining the company - to travel, face interesting challenges, and to be part of an industry leading group. I work 9 - 5.30 in our Glasgow office but because media is constantly evolving there is always something new to work on and no two days are alike. I'm lucky to be uniquely placed to learn about our seafaring, onshore, and offshore business units and the employees who underpin their success.

"The best part of my job is putting together V.News magazine. Aside from the pride I take in trying to make an interesting and engaging publication it's also a chance for me to meet our people and learn about what they do. As the magazine goes out to our offices and managed vessels around the world I interview a lot of our seafarers about their experiences at sea and their working lives. V.News is dedicated to the V.Ships staff community so input from our seafarers is essential.

"Being part of V.Ships has given me opportunities that I don't think I would get anywhere else. I look forward to taking V.News from strength to strength and continuing to improve our global media presence. My hope for this year is to visit some of our managed vessels and learn more about the shipping industry."

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