• Be a Canadian citizen
  • Possess a valid Canadian passport with an expiry date over six (6) months from the time of joining
  • Possess RCMP certificate of good conduct
  • Possess a valid Marine Medical Care certificate as per STCW V1/4 (Master and chief officer)
  • Possess a valid Transport Canada medical with a validity of six (6) months from the time of joining)
  • Possess the required certification for the position held as per STCW and the Manilla 2010 amendments for a vessel operating in unlimited waters (unless otherwise stated in the ad)
  • Possess a valid supervisor of oil transfer (Master, 1st officer, chief engineer, 2nd engineer) unless otherwise sated in the ad
  • Possess a valid familiarisation endorsement for oil (junior deck / engine officers and ratings) unless otherwise stated in the ad
  • Possess a <<designated security duties>> certificate as per STCW regulation A-VI/6