CAD (computer aided design) operator

CAD operators produce engineering drawings to suit client's specifications.

They also provide drawing updates and corrections along with other CAD activities for production and graphics support.

Electrical technician

The electrical technician carries out electrical maintenance work on and around vessels.

They must be able to work effectively in teams, as well as with vendors and subcontractors, as required.

Instrument technician

Instrument technicians assist with instrumentation problems encountered before, during, and after the construction of vessels.

They work alongside electrical engineers and other personnel to identify, define, and solve developmental problems, ensuring the instrumentation work is carried out safely and efficiently.

Responsible person electrical (RPE)

RPEs are accountable for the offshore safety management of electrical equipment and associated systems.

They also make sure all maintenance and related activities are carried out to the highest standards, including performing pre-defined tests and inspections.

Shipfitter (first-class)

A shipfitter constructs and lays out metal structural parts, such as plates, bulkheads, and frames, and braces them in position within hull of ship for riveting or welding.

They mark locations of holes to be drilled and install temporary fasteners to hold part in place for welding or riveting.