Rajesh Tandon

Captain Rajesh Tandon, Managing Director
After sailing on-board V. Ships managed vessels as a Master, Rajesh moved ashore in 1991 to oversee the India operations. With over 20-years' experience onshore, he is considered one of the most dynamic and prolific leaders in the country's shipping industry, where he takes up a number of honorary positions ranging from advisor, president, director and trustee. He is also designated as the V. Group Operation Director for Manpower Services and is responsible for all of the manpower operations throughout the Group.

Vaibhav Dalvi

Captain Vaibhav Dalvi, Director  - Crewing Operation
Vaibhav joined V. Ships as an additional Second Officer in 1992 and took over as a Master in 2003, sailing on-board various V. Ships managed vessels until 2006. He joined the office in 2006 and is currently responsible for the overall operations of the cargo / marine division of V. Ships India. His on-board experience gives him the ability to offer quick and effective solutions to various operational emergencies.


Sandip Khanivadekar

Sandip Khanivadekar, General Manager - Recruitment
Having worked at various ship manning and management companies for eight years in various recruitment positions, Sandip joined the group in 1997 as a Recruitment Manager. Today he is responsible for the recruitment of all cargo and marine ship positions. Known for his fantastic people skills, his ability to form strong working relationships makes him highly effective in his business role.

Rajiv Mehrotra

Rajiv Mehrotra, General Manager  - Offshore
Rajiv leads the business for the Group in the region and is responsible for the offshore division. His experience of working as a Chief Engineer on various types of vessels before joining V. Ships in 2000 has given him great experience when it comes to managing the highly technical offshore business. Rajiv's willingness to deliver and excellent technical abilities makes him an extremely effective business manager.

Ketan Solanki

Ketan Solanki, Finance Controller
Ketan - a Chartered Accountant and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) certified professional - is responsible for the company's finances in India. He joined V. Ships in 2004 after having worked for 12 years in various accounting and manufacturing firms. He always ensures clients financial needs are looked after and has consistently proven himself to be an effective manager.