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QSE Audit Coordinator/Controller (Chennai)

Date Posted:
23 August 2017

Vacancy Details

Who are V. Group?

To put it simply, we are a leading global maritime service provider, specialising in the outsourced technical management of high value maritime assets and the provision of a wide-range of high value supporting technical, workforce and commercial services. We specifically operate in the commercial shipping, cruise, energy and defence sectors. Since the group's formation, we have expanded our range of services and global reach to a point where we are a true leader in the outsourced shipping management sector.


To ensure all the vessels managed by V. Group and associated partners, have completed their Internal Audits with full compliance in line with VMS within the due dates and within prescribed budget in accordance with the various offices under V. Group and to ensure all the documentation including required visas of the QSE Auditors are valid and are applied well within the time without affecting the attendances.




1.         Planning, Managing and Monitoring Annual Internal Audits of vessels that are managed by V. Group across the globe, that must be completed every year to the standards of VMS/ISM Code, VMS/ISPS Code, VMS/SSP, MLC 2006, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001.


2.         Planning and administration of Internal audits to the standards of VMS/ISM Code, VMS/ISPS Code, VMS/SSP, MLC 2006, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001.and processing of the audit findings.


3.         Planning and monitoring the Internal Auditor Travel arrangements including travel ticketing, costs pertaining to the auditor travel to be monitored within the allocated budget.


4.         Planning of Internal Audits onboard vessel at feasible port or at the port requested by the relevant offices or VCGs, followed by liaison with local agents for the travel or further arrangements for the QSE Auditor attendance onboard and ensure the auditor is boarded vessel accordingly.


5.         Maintenance, record keeping the QSE Auditor documentation and required mandatory visas and assist in updating the visas and documentation in advance to the travel arrangements and planning / applying visas during the vacation / on leave / wait period between attendances effectively and efficiently.


6.         Ensure the entries of relevant audit reports in shipsure and maintenance of Audit reports in shipsure and respective shared drives.


7.         Maintenance of Compliance checker for all the vessels which are mandatory under QSE Audit team attendances and relevant entries to audit planner in accordance with their due dates to be entered and update the compliance checker as per attendances planned or attended.


8.         Maintenance of weekly Audit Planner and ensure all the requests received from various offices and also vessels that are due for attendance in next 60 days to be enrolled in the planner and further correspondence with respective office on port and local agents details to plan for QSE Auditor availability and thereby attendance accordingly.


9.         Guiding QSE Audit Assistant in maintenance of monthly KPI Sheet in accordance with the income versus expenses incurred during the audit attendance, which then to be accumulated to Annual KPI sheet.


What are V. Group looking for?

  1. Thorough knowledge of Quality Management System and the requirements of the standards of QMS /ISM code, ISPS Code, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and MLC 2006.

  2. Excellent communication (Oral & Written) skills

  3. Excellent Interpersonal skills with ability to engage and interact with people at all levels.

  4. Thorough awareness and good understanding of cultural and diversity aspects to deal with all the auditors across the globe

  5. Excellent organizational and planning skills

  6. Reasonable accounting knowledge

What can I expect in return?

V.Group can offer you a market leading salary and benefits package, in addition to significant opportunities for career growth and personal development. This a great opportunity to join a true leader in the maritime sector - a company that has exciting plans for future growth.