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Fleet Manager - Hamburg

Date Posted:
1 November 2017

Vacancy Details

Who are V. Group?

To put it simply, we are a leading global maritime service provider, specialising in the outsourced technical management of high value maritime assets and the provision of a wide-range of high value supporting technical, workforce and commercial services. We specifically operate in the commercial shipping, cruise, energy and defence sectors. Since the group's formation, we have expanded our range of services and global reach to a point where we are a true leader in the outsourced shipping management sector.

Fleet Manager - what does that involve?


To lead the Ship Management Fleet Cell to ensure that assigned vessels are managed and operated to the highest standards, are in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and in accordance with V.Ships Safety & Quality Management System (VMS), standards and policies, ensuring client satisfaction.


  • 1. Responsible for the activities of the Fleet Cell to ensure it operates safely, effectively and efficiently in the provision of management services required under the Management Agreement and VMS. VCP 2.6 & COP 5.9.3

  • 2. Responsible that assigned vessels are operated to the highest standard with absolute regard to safety and protection of environment and in conjunction with crew manager ensure that selected senior and junior officers are of the highest standard achievable and have relevant knowledge of the type of the assigned vessel.

  • 3. Responsible for ensuring an effective working relationships between the Fleet Cell and its clients, encouraging day-to-day dialogue between the Fleet Superintendents and their counterparts in Client’s office and, in exceptional circumstances, providing a higher level communication conduit with the Client’s senior management. Through ensuring open and transparent communications endeavour to provide a high level of client satisfaction. COP 1.7 / 1.8 & COP 5.1.6

  • 4. Responsible for ensuring that the Fleet Cell is adequately staffed and that satisfactory levels of competence and experience are available to meet changing demands and priorities – all recruitment and promotions to be approved by GM and RFD in accordance with ATR procedures. COP 2.6

  • 5. Responsible for the fleet cells performance in relation to the planning, management and control of shipboard maintenance and repair programmes, dry-dockings, deficiencies, class and flag surveys, and ensure these are completed within the required time scales. COP 5.1/5.2/5.3/5.4/5.5/5.9

  • 6. Responsible for overseeing PMS implementation, completed by the fleet superintendent, and ensuring harmonisation of PMS amongst the vessels within the fleet and that the job description and maintenance intervals assigned to all machineries is as per makers manual. Supervising the Monitoring of vessels performance in accordance with charter party requirement, by the fleet superintendents.

  • 7. a) Responsible for approving the Fleet Cell’s annual Vessel Operating Budgets prior to submission to the client in accordance with their budget timetable and where Client’s vessels are managed by more than one Fleet Cell and /or V. Group Office that these are consistent. b) Responsible for overseeing the vessel expenditure throughout the year ensuring that variances to budget are explained to the client in a professional and timely manner, that unbudgeted costs are approved by the client and taking the appropriate action to ensure that expenditure is maintained within the agreed budget by the end of the clients’ financial year. COP 5.2 / 5.11 Revised Dec 2016

  • 8. Responsible for ensuring that the dry-docking and major repairs procedure, outlined in the VMS, is followed in full utilising available support from the V.Docks team. COP 5.3

  • 9. Responsible, in conjunction with, the Fleet Superintendents, for maintaining a ‘vessel visitation plan’ to ensure compliance with the Ship Management Agreement and VMS and to ensure compliance with the ship visits KPIs throughout the year. COP 5.10 / COP 2.2.6 / COP 2.3

  • 10. Responsible for ensuring that Fleet Superintendents deliver Client Reports to the standard required and in the time frame detailed in client portfolio. COP 1.7

  • 11. Responsible for ensuring that the investigation of incidents and/or accidents that happen on board Fleet Cell’s vessels is carried out, followed up and closed out in accordance with VMS. COP 2.2.7 / COP

  • 12. Responsible for ensuring that VMS procedures are followed and that, as far as practicable, operational risks are controlled and minimised and to participate as a member of the risk assessment team when required. COP 2.1.10 / SEP 6

  • 13. Actively promote and support the development, cohesion and productivity of the Fleet Cell & Support Teams ashore and the Ship Management Team afloat in order to achieve effective and professional working relationships. Carry out and oversee where required, meaningful and timely Performance Appraisals and reviews. This includes the notification of training & development requirements to the General Manager for agreement and inclusion in the training plan. VCP 2.6 / COP 7.12 / 7.15 / 5.10 / 11.3 / 11.4

  • 14. Responsible for reporting any issues that affect, or may affect, the safety, environmental or operational performance of assigned vessels to the GM and Regional Functional Director. VCP 2.6

  • 15. Coordinating the relationships with clients, together with the office manager and the fleet superintendent.

  • 16. Responsible for carrying out ‘Senior Management Visits’, for visibly demonstrating the highest standards of individual compliance with all V.Group policies and procedures and for ensuring that all Fleet Cell and Ship Management Team members meet the same high standards.

  • 17. Responsible, in conjunction with GM and RFDs, for building strong relationships with key prospects and existing customers. To pro-actively identify and share continuous improvement opportunities in client portfolio and to support business development and cross-selling opportunities.

  • 18. Responsible for agreeing and delivering financial and operational Fleet Cell KPIs (Key performance Indicators). These to be developed in conjunction with the GM and in line with the overall Group business and strategic objectives.

  • 19. Responsible to, as far as practicable, keep up to date on all V. Group Services and products. To guide and advise all team members on the latest V. Group products and services relevant to specific clients as well as establish and maintain effective formal and informal relationships with internal suppliers and service providers. 

What are V. Group looking for?

  • Recognised marine qualification and/or relevant experience at sea.

  • Previous experience in a managerial role in a marine related company. 

  • Good communication (oral and written) skills 

  • Good interpersonal skills with the ability to engage and interact with people at all levels. 

  • Good planning and organisational skills, 

  • Ability to produce creative and effective solutions to problems, 

  • Committed to delivering a quality service, controlling costs and providing value for money


What can I expect in return?

V. Group can offer you a market leading salary and benefits package, in addition to significant opportunities for career growth and personal development. This a great opportunity to join a true leader in the maritime sector - a company that has exciting plans for future growth.