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2nd Engineer /SAGA cruise vessel

Cruise Ship/Leisure
2nd Asst. Engineer
Vessel Type:
Date Posted:
11 February 2019

Vacancy Details

Required 2nd Assistant Engineer ready to join SAGA cruises

  • Start date –11/April/2019

  • Contract 3 months on / 2months off

  • Salary range is GBP 4080 and GBP 4834 per month/worked.

Licence / Qualification requirements;

  • Required – Desired – Second EOOW Unlimited

Line Manager;

  • Staff Chief Engineer

Direct Reports;

  • None

Responsibilities as per V.Ships S&QMS;

The keeping of Engine Room watches as required and identified by the Chief Engineer in accordance with the Safety Management Manual -  Marine Operations.

The composition of the watches is to be adequate and appropriate to the plant and machinery involved. For normal operating conditions the composition of the watches (at minimum) will be identified by the Chief Engineer.

The Chief Engineer is responsible for the watch composition in conditions other than normal as identified by the Master e.g. restricted visibility, ice zone, high traffic density, manoeuvring, etc.

In ships with Unattended Machinery Spaces Certificate, adequate personnel shall always attend the Engine Control Room.

Any task assigned by the Chief Engineer

Technical Department Responsibility -  Log Books

Responsibility for:

  • Making entries and maintaining a correct and up-to-date Engine Log Book, as applicable

  • Making entries and maintaining correct and up-to-date technical or waste related Log / Record Books (including but not limited to: Oil Record Book, Wastewaters discharge, Ozone Depleting Substances, Oil-to-Sea-Interfaces, Bilge/


Additional Duties might be:

    • All machinery cooling sytems water treatment

    • Auxiliary boilers

    • Ballast System

    • Bilge system, pumps and alarms

    • Boiler water treatment

    • Chemical inventory

    • Domestic water supply and hot water pumps

    • Engine Room sprinkler system

    • Exhaust gas boilers

    • Feed water and circulating water pumps

    • Fuel and Diesel oil systems

    • Fuel bunkering

    • HFO and MGO Transfer and bunkering

    • Lubricating oil consumption tracking and report

    • Lubricating oil filter maintenance

    • Lubricating oil on board analysis

    • Lubricating oil purifiers

    • Lubricating oil sample taking for shore analysis

    • M/E’s Lube oil tests

    • Main Engine air coolers washing

    • Main Engine turbocharger washing

    • Noon and midnight sounding sheets

    • Oil record book entries

    • Quick closing valves, testing, maintenance

    • Reverse Osmosis plant

    • Sewage and Grey water system in machinery spaces

    • Sludge system

    • Spare part requisitions and inventory for equipment under the above responsibilities

    • Steam and condensate systems

    • Steering Gear – weekly maintenance

    • Technical water – Hydrophor, associated pipework and pumps

    • Water cooling system’s chemical treatment and testing