Here are our top 10 tops to help you stay safe when applying for jobs online. Always stop and think before you share your personal and or financial information. Credible employers and agencies will not charge you a fee for a role.

  1. Never Provide Sensitive Financial or Personal Information.

    Never share any financial information such as your security number, bank account PIN, PayPal, or credit card information. There's no reason a recruiter or employer would ever require any such information from you.
  2. Never agree to a wire transfer of any sort.

    You should never be asked for a wire transfer or to send money for a foreign visa via anything other than an official embassy site. Do not send money via a money gram or western union. If you're asked to pay for a foreign visa, please check on the relevant government website.
  3. Don't pay a recruiter in return for finding you a job or providing job leads.

    Reputable recruiters are well paid by the company for whom they place candidates. If anyone asks you for money in exchange for a cruise job in our name - it is illegal.
  4. Be wary of job postings or emails that state, no experience or expertise is required for the position.

    All of our legitimate job openings will have some sort of job description that includes information about education, skills and experience required to qualify for the position. If you are offered a job without an interview - this will not be real.
  5. Carefully examine the email details and websites of unsolicited job offers.

    Our legitimate email address must be ( / Emails that claim to be a legitimate V. Ships Leisure company but then have a return email address with a general (free) email site (such as and not the company email address are not to be trusted. 
  6. Request more details from prospective employers who provide little or no details in their job postings or emails.

    Unclear promises can be very persuasive, but the truth lies in the details. You can request detailed information about the services we provide or the job from one of our legitimate recruiters and they will immediately answer you.
  7. Ignore postings that guarantee you a job

    These scammers basically provide you with information about their offer of employment but asking for a large fee. We never ask for a fee, instead we asked for your full latest resume and will request references, qualifications and proof of previous employment.
  8. Don't be swayed by any testimonials saying that we provided a job even you don't have the necessary experience

    These are simply marketing gimmicks designed to make you feel more at ease in falling for the scam.
  9. Use the internet to research all job opportunities

    Do a background check of the prospective employer.   Most cruise lines will have a scam warning to advise which email addresses can be trusted.
  10. Stop and think…

    Remember to think twice or more before responding to any job posting or email that promises you easy embarkation in one of our Luxury Cruise ships, and be cautious of unsolicited offers from what appears on the surface as to be one of our legitimate company.  Legitimate companies will always conduct interviews and background checks.  Salaries are fair on ships but they are not always higher than land, so be cautious of anyone offering very high salaries if you have no experience at sea.

If you are a victim of a job scam - you will not be able to get the money back. You need to contact your relevant authorities to report the crime. Please be cautious.