Cadet2 Cadet3

It has been a tradition that every new cadet has to introduce himself and showcase his talent either given or hidden. It is a must. This is to build up rapport within the group through camaraderie and bond.

Our Career Development Manager has been observing this activity that we have and he found it essential in developing good character and attitude and to defy cultural gap within the corps since the cadets are of different ethnicity from different provinces in the country.

An idea was made by our CDM to plot a larger picture of this tradition- the 'Cadets' Night'. The said activity will be a cultural night where all the cadets will represent their individual culture.

The plan were executed with grace and passionately despite of all the adversities we faced. The idea was put into possibility through the cadets' perseverance, optimism, resourcefulness and unity. We might be bounded with gaps and differences but together we can achieve every goal successfully no matter how hard going might get thorough God's grace.