Our Oceanic Hospitality Training Centre is a state of the art facility that provides a venue for up-to-date training of seafarers by international chefs and other ship industry professionals.

The training centre simulates the working environment of a ship's galley, mess room, store rooms, reception area and laundry, with a classroom for educational discussions and mess trainings. The training centre is equipped with the same modern electrical equipment found in international vessels.

Its kitchen layout enables practical training in line with the latest inter¬national HACCP, US Public Health standards and European Shipsan. The facility provides visual training aids as well as an on-line broadcasting facility through which guest chefs and industry officials can carry out remote online training sessions.

The facility provides state of the art audio visual training aids as well as on-line broadcasting which guest chefs and industry officials may utilize to conduct remote online training sessions. Clients may monitor training sessions online.

Clients may also monitor training sessions online. As a commitment to quality, ISO 2008:2011 accredited Oceanic Hospitality Training Centre meets MLC 2006 standards and provides only internationally recognised trainings. It is also accredited by the Philippine Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or (TESDA) as a training and assessment centre for aspiring culinary professional seafarers.

We don't just ensure deck and engine crew are trained to meet level of competence - we also invest in our galley department.

We are specialized in providing internationally recognized trainings and the development of tailor made training courses based on customer needs.

The company is recruiting HRM graduates from various known schools within the Philippines to take part in its culinary programme. They are trained to initially do the messman's job with a view to becoming a future ship's cook. V.Ships Manila with its modern catering facility is regarded as one of the country's leading establishments for providing ships with a varied catering services.