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International Cadet Training Programme

Do you want to get paid to travel the world and kick-start a fantastic new career?

Then V.Ships' Cadet Training Programme could be for you.

V.Ships knows the importance of well-trained sea staff, which is why we're committed to recruiting and training cadets within a comprehensive career development programme.

Our current portfolio includes cadets from all over the world, undergoing training at various stages of their cadetship. Around 1100 cadets were recruited in 2015.

We focus on developing the skills, knowledge and experience needed by our recruits to be future officers, with training completed during both seagoing service and within the maritime academy.

All officers and petty officers on-board our ships play an active role in the cadet development process and our shore based training centres have active involvement in this process.

Our cadets are trained to have absolute regard to safety, security and the marine environment, receiving mentoring and career guidance throughout their employment with us.

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