Personnel are offered long-term employment with a 12-month rotation.

Recruitment and selection

V. Ships Ukraine ensures personnel who are selected to work on company managed and manned vessels are competent, trained, qualified, appropriately certified and suited to the duties they are expected to fulfil.

Pre-engagement preparations

The team ensures that personnel selected to work on the vessels within the company's managed and manned fleet are equipped, medically tested and trained on company policies and processes in accordance with the Company Training Matrices, STCW, MLC 2006, national legislation and other requirements where appropriate. 

Personnel mobilisation

Having over 18 years of experience in crew mobilisation, we are confident we can provide a faultless crewing operation. Seafarers have round-the-clock support with a dedicated crew manager and V. Ships travel department on hand to help. 

Training and career development programme

All seafarers employed on-board the company's managed, or manned vessels are adequately trained. V.Ships Ukraine's Training Centre provides the day-to-day activities and training processes as well as constant assistance and support for seafarers in their career development.

Service for third party clients

V.Ships Ukraine team provides services for other ship owners and ship managers.