Ukraine Training

Being properly prepared is absolutely pivotal to the industry and our success, as well as being a critical component of our business.

And that is why V.Ships Ukraine is not only engaged in the crewing process, but also provides first-rate training for their seafarers too. In-house training - delivered free of charge to company seafarers - improves and enhances the personal qualifications and skills of officers, as well as those on-board company managed vessels.

The Odessa Training Centre is pivotal to our success, with its state-of-the-art simulators available to the staff. This enables officers to conduct demanding simulator exercises, with bridge and engine room personnel working in unison to resolve complex emergencies in high-pressure situations. Such exercises are included in BTRM and ECDIS courses and are based on IMO models and approved by the Ukrainian Maritime Administration.

V.Ships Ukraine also has a number of courses, ranging from English language to risk assessment and accident prevention, giving workers a variety of subjects to choose from, with the ability to tailor their classes to meet their individual needs.

To improve English language skills, seafarers have the opportunity to pass a Marlins approved six-week English language course at the centre.

There is also a brand new Crew Resource Management programme focused on behaviour and aiming to train senior officers, prospective junior officers and company superintendents to minimise human errors. All training instructors working in Odessa Training Centre are professional seafarers with extensive seagoing experience.

With all of these resources and equipment readily available, Odessa Training Centre is one of the most advanced of its kind.